Dear Editorial Board

You must be a member of the page of our international journal via the e-mail we sent on April 19, 2021. However, it has been observed that memberships have not been made until this date. Memberships are required to increase the recognition of our journal and to increase both the number of publications and citations. Furthermore, we expect each of our members to contribute to our journal and submit at least one article.
We would like to organize an international symposium called “the 1st International Symposium on Characterization” this year to increase cooperation between countries and to prepare an environment for joint studies.
Due to the pandemic, the symposium we will organize online will be held at a very low cost. It is limited to a single paper to increase the number of participants. In order to comply with the Academic Incentive Regulation applied in Turkey, a quota will be applied to domestic participation to increase participation from abroad. With the end of the pandemic, our symposiums will be held in Turkey's uniquely beautiful cities and towns. When our friends who want to take part in the organization, executive and scientific committee of this symposium notify us, committees will be formed. The date of the symposium will be approximately the first week of October 2021. Information and current announcements about the symposium will be made on our journal's second web page,
Lastly, we look forward to receiving your valuable comments on the journal and the symposium.

Best regards
Journal of Characterization