Synthesis and Photoluminescence properties of a red emitting Sr4Al14O25:Eu3+, Sm3+phosphorsfor near UV based w-LEDs

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Year-Number: 2022-3
Yayımlanma Tarihi: 2022-12-26 14:07:39.0
Language : English
Konu : Ceramic
Number of pages: 232-238
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Using the combustion method, red emitting Sr4Al14O25:Eu3+, Sm3+ phosphors were synthesised. The properties of photoluminescence were also studied. Orange (591 nm) and red (614 nm) emissions from Sr4Al14O25:Eu3+ phosphor, with 394 nm being the most exciting. The dominant excitation line was around 404 nm and was attributed to 6H5/24F7/2, while the emission spectrum had emission peaks at 565 nm and 603 nm. Furthermore, the chromaticity coordinates of  6H5/24F7/2 phosphors were found in the red region (0.677, 0.322), (0.640, 0.359) by the Commission International de l'Eclairageth. According to the current findings, Sr4Al14O25:Eu3+, Sm3+ phosphors can be used as a red emitting phosphor in near-ultraviolet (n-UV) based w-LEDs.


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